Pre-Order A Ghostbusters Build A Bear


In April we wrote about building a Ghostbusters bear. (GBI Blog Post, April 28, 2016) On Ghostbusters Day Nerdist had the exclusive (this is what can happen while interns get some mandatory training) with Build-A-Bear Ghostbusters product photos and additional information. While interns are training and probably rushing to get to work, we take a closer look.


Ghostbusters Yes Bear, (his or her name is really up to you) resembles a “no ghost” logo and although looks all cute and innocent, s/he likes BAB and Ghostbusters branding.

A fresh Ghostbusters Bear costs $25 USD.

Every plush animal that wears t-shirts should have Ghostbusters t-shirts as part of their wardrobe. Build-A-Bear has their bears covered with a retro type of Ghostbusters t-shirt that features a “no ghost” logo. Or a worn in “Who Ya Gonna Call?” tee.

Ghostbusters tees will run $7 USD each.


Whether your “no ghost” looking bear or Snuggle bear is ready to become a Ghostbuster, s/he will need a khaki (tan) uniform. Comes complete with “no ghost” logo patch, name patch, and web belt.

A plush Ghostbusters uniform costs $13.50 USD. Pricing will vary for plastic boots.


Yes, this classic style Ghostbusters plush proton pack that reminds us of a pillow is upside down. It might have been in error or because of Ghostbusters (2016) Build-A-Bear might have been going for more of a 2016 look.

That aside, plush animals can’t bust plush ghosts to be friends with without a soft Proton Pack. At $10.50 USD, bear Ghostbusters are getting a really good deal.

Plush equipment or not, any Ghostbusters plush bear would want to be friends with a mini Slimer bear that sorta resembles a lizard. Talk about something that would never harm us, its the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Bear! :O

A mini Slimer plush will (try) to eat your money for $12.50 USD. A very happy Stay-Puft is your new best friend at $29 USD.


Who ya gonna cuddle with a complete Build-A-Bear Ghostbuster! Instead of ordering Yes Bear and his/her clothing, (with a variety of boot options) and a Proton Pack separately Build-A-Bear offers the real deal for $56.50 USD.

We did the math for you, adding each item separately, minus boots and a tee would run $50 USD.


Unfortunately at times Ghostbusters get slimed. Slime isn’t really pleasant. Which is a reason neither company would offer that accessory. You know what is pleasant and yummy smelling? Marshmallows.

This marshmallow scented bear disk makes your furry friend smell yummy! Disk will be inserted into furry friend’s paw. Size: 2.25 in. x 1.25 in. x 1/8 in. thick.

For $3.50 USD, your Ghostbusters bear(s) can have a sweet smell!

You can currently pre-order Build-A-Bears and accessories through June 12, 2016.



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