IDW Publishing Is Preparing For Ghostbusters 101


IDW Publishing let the phone out of the fish tank when they revealed a new Ghostbusters cross over coming next year! Titled Ghostbusters 101 the original Ghostbusters will somehow meet up with the Ghostbusters from Ghostbusters (2016) or Ghostbusters: Answer The Call.

In an interview from Nerdist Erik Burnham said:

“It was those past crossovers, in fact, that inspired Ghost Corps to ask for our 2017 story — which had been about Ray, Peter, and Egon returning to their roots as teachers — to include the crew from the latest movie… and to be honest, that presented us with so many possibilities, it’ll be more a question of what can be cut so that we don’t run out of space!”

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Ghostbusters II Screen Used Tripod Traps


Sometime this year an auction company had a screen used prop from GHOSTBUSTERS II™. It’s a really good one too. Tripod Ghost Traps were rarely seen in either the film or by most Ghostbusters International employees.

Thanks to ghosthead Adam aka SabaSka109 more ghostheads can see detailed photos of this fascinating piece of Ghostbusters history. Due to major safety concerns and regulations GBI could never share schematics with the public. Which is a reason you don’t find many photos of these Tripod Ghost Traps.

Adam shared 8 photos and a video of his screen used Tripod Ghost Traps in a Ghostbusters Fans message board thread.


  • Edited Photo: GBI
  • Original Photo: Adam

Corporate HQ On Site Updated


During a Q3 meeting neither company was publicly able to talk about, (due to signed paperwork and the internet) our associates from Ghost Corps (Facebook) toured our Corporate HQ. (GBI Blog Post, March 8, 2016) Where they were able to get a design sense of our museum.

Why would Sony be interested in what we display Ghostbusters wise? Sony is designing there own museum which wouldn’t be complete without a GHOSTBUSTERS™ section.

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Personal Update: December 2016



I’ve been meaning to write this post before today. I held off because its difficult and very personal. In other posts where I say its personal, it can be vague. I don’t generally like to publicize my personal life. I’ve whenever I could kept my personal life separate from Ghostbusters. Through the years they’ve sometimes been connected. I feel as a courtesy, for the support you’ve shown the sites over the years, and a need to write I would provide a personal update.

I also reserve the right to remove this post at any time.

Disclaimer: What I’ll write in the next three paragraphs after the read more tag may be emotional.

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