Personal Update: December 2016



I’ve been meaning to write this post before today. I held off because its difficult and very personal. In other posts where I say its personal, it can be vague. I don’t generally like to publicize my personal life. I’ve whenever I could kept my personal life separate from Ghostbusters. Through the years they’ve sometimes been connected. I feel as a courtesy, for the support you’ve shown the sites over the years, and a need to write I would provide a personal update.

I also reserve the right to remove this post at any time.

Disclaimer: What I’ll write in the next three paragraphs after the read more tag may be emotional.

Seven years ago today (coincidental to this post) my parents and I moved into there house. In less than a year life changed again. I still don’t want to talk about it publicly. Life really affected my dad and I. How and when I could since September 2010, I helped him and us by taking care of the house and life’s responsibilities.

I won’t get into specifics, in the last year my dad should have been taking better care of himself. While he seemed ok, a month ago my dad unexpectedly passed.

Almost right away their have been and will be continuing changes in my life. A major change will include the house and moving forward.

Where does it leave the sites?

  • Ghostbusters International

The paid domain for Ghostbusters International was coming up next week. It won’t be renewed. The paid domain name doesn’t expire until the first week of January 2017. In a short term update I only had one thing in mind, some kind of review for Ghostbusters (2016). Business news I was somewhat behind.

Either way unless WordPress relocates to Neptune, the free domain will remain.

  • Ecto-Containment

In October I was going to see if I could get to one (and if I was really ambitious 2) season 1 The Real Ghostbusters reviews. For months I’ve also had site updates planned. It may have required a site upgrade. And checking on copyright.

I could see news updates and episode reviews being posted. It’ll depend on personal business and other.

Ecto-Containment’s domain name is set to be renewed last week of December. As of now I’m planning to renew it.

  • Ghostbusters Firehouse

I almost forgot about Ghostbusters Firehouse, the business site for Ghostbusters. Updates, news or otherwise have always been when it was needed. At some point it made sense to use Ghostbusters Firehouse to host out of print Ghostbusters reading material.

That site won’t or will hardly change. I could see if I upgrade Ecto-Containment moving the reading material PDFs back here. As I really enjoy creating more work for myself!

  • iRich

I had put off non Ghostbusters planned updates for more then a year. They would have included other ’80s/’90s properties, mainly Back To The Future and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It could still be good and personally more to get to them. I really don’t know yet.

If you’ve read my entire post, thank you. No matter what updates do or don’t happen, I’ll always remember the support ghostheads have shown the sites since the early 2000s.

Photo Source: Late 50s Chevy Bel Air.

Info: Taken by and edited by me in August 2014. My dad and I randomly saw this car parked in front of a 1950s style diner while we were going grocery shopping in the same shopping center. My dad and I shared an interest in classic cars, it was good to take photos.


3 thoughts on “Personal Update: December 2016

  1. My condolences on the death of your father. I am working toward starting a franchise and I’m wondering how these changes will affect those plans as well as existing franchises. I’m sorry to ask you about this at this difficult time but time seems to be of the essence. Thank you for your time and again, my condolences.

    1. Thank you Sandra for the kind words.

      My personal changes will have little to no affect on anyone starting a “franchise” in the near future. GBI will remain the “company” site as a resource for Ghostbusters groups and ghostheads.

      When and if your franchise has a web presence let “us” know on the site or through our FaceBook page. The Locations page will be updated as soon as its possible.

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