Corporate HQ On Site Updated


During a Q3 meeting neither company was publicly able to talk about, (due to signed paperwork and the internet) our associates from Ghost Corps (Facebook) toured our Corporate HQ. (GBI Blog Post, March 8, 2016) Where they were able to get a design sense of our museum.

Why would Sony be interested in what we display Ghostbusters wise? Sony is designing there own museum which wouldn’t be complete without a GHOSTBUSTERS™ section.


Today Ghost Corps (Facebook post) gave ghostheads a look at what it will look like. It has a familiar feel as home. Of course with some differences.

To celebrate a successful Ghostbusters 2016 season, we’ve updated our Corporate Glass page to show off a photo from the GBI Museum along with a few photos of our high tech labs. At this time its what we’re allowed to show without further documentation.

Photo Source: Ghost Corps (Facebook)


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