Funko x Playmobil Reveal Vinyl Ghostbusters Collectibles

In addition to Ghostbusters toys from Playmobil (GBI Blog Post, January 9, 2017) Funko is producing 6″ vinyl figures in Playmobil’s style! Funko revealed Doctor Peter Venkman and Doctor Raymond Stantz in their packaging. Hopefully ghostheads and collectors will get an Egon and really hopefully a Winston Funko/Playmobil vinyl figure during 2017.

After the break, a closer look and additional information.



Funko/Playmobil 6″ Ghostbusters figures will retail around $15 USD and are expected (release dates can change) to be at retailers in March 2017.

They, (along with similar figures from Back To The Future, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Dr. Who) can be pre-ordered from such sites as Entertainment Earth.



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