Heide Park Resort Ghostbusters 5D Ride


A brand new Ghostbusters 5D experience is coming to Northern Germany, the location of Heide Park (German Language) in 2017.

What will this Ghostbusters experience be like? Nothing like reading about it here, that’s for sure!

Translated from German:

Venture into Lord Explorus’ mysterious warehouse and support the world famous Ghostbusters in their interactive 5D Ghost Hunt. Equipped with a laser gun and 3D glasses your adventurous ride starts (in ECTO 1). Strapped and watched!

All senses and full body use are in demand. The spirits appear suddenly and sometimes you hear or feel them only. Can your team defeat the spirits?

  • For families with children from 6 years
  • Indoor attraction.
  • Dark Ride.
  • Virtual special effects.
  • Feel like the film heroes who protect the world from ghosts.
  • Meet Slimer and other fun-eerie ghosts.

Announcement (October 17, 2016)

Heide Park Ghostbusters 5D Commercial (German)

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If you’re going to experience Ghostbusters 5D, why not 3D it by booking a premier Ghostbusters Heide Park hotel room!


Translated from German:

Become fearless spirits and stay at the headquarters of the Ghostbusters. Prepare yourself here with the whole family (up to six people) for your action against the gruesome and slimy ghosts in the new attraction “Ghostbusters 5D – the ultimate ghost hunt.”


  • Sleeps up to 6 people.
  • Ghostbusters design.
  • Shower/WC.


While you wait for the new season at Heide Park (German Language) during the first week of April 2017, explore the official Heide Park Ghostbusters 5D (German Language) site!



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