Empire UK Ghostbusters Magazine Articles Added To Magazine Rack


Written By: Richard Roy

As we’re (obviously) not in the United Kingdom and I only wanted to share the Ghostbusters articles anyway I didn’t want to, (with currency rates) buy a digital version of Empire from June 2016. I did the next best thing for ghostheads, scan my copy.

I wasn’t planning on doing that today, I guess I’ve been wanting to. I made high-res scans of the covers, editor’s letter, features, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call article, and Ghostbusters article with Dan Ackroyd. I saved the articles as two PDF files.

Why two? I know not every ghosthead is a fan of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. (Ecto-Containment) If one really only wants to read the “classic” article with Dan Aykroyd, I thought of “you.”

Both the complete Empire magazine and just the Ghostbusters article, titled The Ghost Writer have been added to the Ghostbusters Firehouse Magazine Rack.

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Ghostbusters Dimension Expanding Into The Void


Ghostbusters Dimension (GBI Blog Post, May 12, 2016) from The Void was originally exclusive to New York City. Ghostbusters is international and so is hyper-reality. Nearly a year later so is Ghostbusters Dimension,

You can still experience virtual Ghostbusters at Madame Tussauds in NYC. What if you live in or closer to the west coast of The United States? Or (for us) the other side of the world?

Currently if you’re in Utah or you know Dubai, your wait into the Ghostbusters Dimension is over!

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Ghostbusters Answer The Call Hugo Award Finalist


Tor.com (as opposed to giant slors dot org) wrote and shared the Hugo Awards finalists for various science fiction media and respective categories. Ghostbusters: Answer The Call is in the category of “Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form” Which is personally interesting as I never think of Ghostbusters being ‘typically’ dramatic.

Ghostbusters, screenplay by Katie Dippold & Paul Feig, directed by Paul Feig (Columbia Pictures/LStar Capital/Village Roadshow Pictures/Pascal Pictures/Feigco Entertainment/Ghostcorps/The Montecito Picture Company)

Ghostbusters: ATC is up against genre movies such as Arrival, Deadpool, and (Star WarsRogue One. Interestingly all those movies are also competing with Netflix series, Stranger Things and Hidden Figures, a movie based off a book, which was written because of real people who could have worked here if GBI had been established in 1965.

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