Ghostbusters International Franchise Check In 2018


Update, February 17, 2018

We checked for the missing Ghostbusters groups today. I was able to update most of them world wide, even adding some new franchises in the process.

US: Kansas Ghostbusters groups, are ya out there?

Puerto Rico: We’re still concerned about ghostheads in Puerto Rico. We couldn’t specifically find En Puerto Rico, we’ve added Ghostbusters Puerto Rico.

England: We couldn’t confirm Pompey Ghostbusters. We’ve added Ghostbusters London. We’ve been able to confirm Ghostbusters of North Lanarkshire.

Scotland: We’ve added Ghostbusters of Scotland.

Australia: We couldn’t confirm Premier State Ghostbusters. We’ve added The Victorian Ghostbusters.

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Internally and publicly GBI hasn’t had a franchise locations update, (GBI Blog Post, January 7, 2016) in two years. Although ever since for the most part if we knew there were new franchises and/or related social media we’d update our Locations pages. As well as follow/like said social media accounts.

Last Friday, near dinner time no less we finished going through every franchise or Ghostbusters group listed. Here were some surprising stats, at least for the US.

United States

Thirteen out of 50 states have or had Ghostbusters groups that appear to no longer be active. It’s entirely possible they either moved or moved on.


One franchise who had a domain name hasn’t in some time. It was bought probably by a company in China. When visiting the former domain, the site downloaded a file to my desktop. It could have been malware or a virus. The file wasn’t installed, computer is ok.

After the read it more, non active groups are listed. If your franchise has changed sites, please let us know. If your franchise or group isn’t listed at its respective Locations page, please let us know in the comments. If you see an opportunity to start a Ghostbusters group, we encourage you to read our Franchising section for more information.

Photo Source:

  • A Ghostbusters International Satellite

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