Another Rare Ghostbusters Fan Club Kit


Today, Robert Maxwell Barbieri (Instagram) shared a new set of photos from the Official International Ghostbusters Club. (Ghostbusters International Page) He messaged us via Facebook the photos to share here at Ghostbusters International.

About this Ghostbusters Fan Club Kit

Found another rare Ghostbusters fan club kit. I snagged this one because it’s an earlier set with the badges and a different introductory letter. I have 2 later kits with one explaining they ran out of iron on patches and included 2 big glossy stickers instead. Just another chapter in the fan club history.

If you have one or more of the quarterly newsletter “No-Ghosts” or something else from the original fan club, please contact us at: ghostbusterscities @ gmail . com.




4 thoughts on “Another Rare Ghostbusters Fan Club Kit

    1. To be clear, did you receive another Ghostbusters related package? If you did, what is it? Also, what kind of proton pack do you have? For example, the one Spirit Halloween has made.

    1. Hi Sean. Becoming a member can be found at our Franchising page.

      It seems like a lot of steps. Basically whether you’re one ghosthead or group, have a uniform and/or gear. Come up with a name for your group. Create (or use social media) a website for your franchise group, and let GBI know where to find ya! We’ll list your franchise group within our Locations pages soon as we’re able to.

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