Introduction & Where To Buy A Suit

Really good jobs usually require a suit. Its just Ghosbusters wear a flightsuit. Made of materials that are not only stylish, but built to nuke the spooks. The original flightsuits were purchased from Gibson & Barnes. R&D tested, the flightsuits have a classified lining that shields you from disgusting blobs of slime with attitude problems. And helps you from feeling like the floor of a taxi cab. As an added bonus (and a reason not to do laundry as much) the flightsuits include the Slime Stain Defender™.*

  • *Pending a patent/trademark dispute.

If you don’t need the top of the line model, (like we really believe the stain defender works anyway) we’ve listed links for less expensive flight suits on line. BDU and its affiliated sites are highly recommended for Tru-Spec 27/P uniforms. Out In Style are recommended for Rothco flight suits.

  1. BDU (Khaki Tru-Spec 27/P)
  2. Out In Style (Khaki, Navy Blue, Black)
  3. Georgia Outfitters
  4. US
  5. BDUs (4XL flight suits)

Out In Style and US Cav, ship outside the United States.


If you live outside the US and have a trusted on-line retailer, leave a comment below. Retailers can be added to help more ghostheads.


  1. Sniper

No Ghost Patches. Embroidered Name Patch, Elbow Pads

With the flightsuit ordered or about to be, you need to get your no ghost logo patches, embroidered name patch, web/pistol belts, elbow pads, gloves, and boots. Some of these items, can be purchased off line. In recent years we’ve found you can no longer get some of these things from your standard military stores. Because more of them have evolved into outdoor sports stores.

**Availability may be limited, please check with our recommended vendors before ordering.**

Ghostbusters licensee ANOVOS Productions LLC. sells official “no ghost” patches based on the look we had in the earlier 1980s.

Katarra makes and sells no ghost patches, name patches, custom franchise patches, and custom name patches from her eBay store.

Ghostbusters Fans sells “no ghost” patches in the uniform shop section.

In 1997 I bought my first “no ghost” logo patch from Intergalactic Trading Company. It wasn’t the correct size for our uniforms. Over the years they have updated their catalogue with a more company accurate “no ghost” logo patch. They also sell our “Ghostbusters II” style logo.

The name tag or name patch ID is embroidered. Red lettering makes up your name, embroidered into black fabric for the background. The lettering for your name (and width of the border) will vary depending on size. It can be created in two styles, original or with a thinner stitching which the company used in the late ‘80s.

The bubble style elbow pads are really volleyball kneepads, purchase a pair in size large. Or “one size fits all” according to Cannon Sports. The same bubble pad can be ordered through Amazon.

Years ago they were offered in multiple colors, including gray. For company accuracy buy white and dye them with RIT black dye. RIT Dye can also be found in most major retailers that sell arts and crafts supplies.

Your Pistol or Web Belt Accessories

Moving to your waist, you’re going to need a belt to attach your belt gizmo™, key chain/O ring to hold your nutrona wand, communication device, and trap holster. Optional is your Life Guard device the company used in the late 80s.

The pistol or web belt can be khaki or black. Most of the links listed for the flightsuit also carry the pistol or web belts. Below are a few additional links.

Ghostbusters Fans (Highly Recommended)

Out In Style

Chemical gloves and key chain/O rings should be able to be found in most hardware stores. Like with the flight suit links, these items might be able to be bought on-line as well.

Finally the piece de resistance (“You know, some French thing.” – Dr. Venkman) of the belt. At least until you get a trap. Of course I speak of the Belt Gizmo.™ Its basically a leather tape holder, calculator circuit board (1972 Sanyo ICC-808D) with a small “daughter board” and a phone/computer cord.

If you need to order a leather pouch holder and have a Sears, they sell a Craftsman Tape Measure Holder for $8.99 USD. It may not be big enough to hold a Ghost Trap, it could work for a P.K.E Meter. The actual store has sold a similar one for the same price. The Craftsman logo is more branded.

Ghostbusters Fans Uniform shop section also sells a tool pouch holder which is already modified. When they’re available, they cost $30.00 USD.

Thirty years ago, Ghostbusters used a yellow hose that’s attached from the leg of the flightsuit and could be attached at the other end to the pistol/web belt. In the late 80s when GBI updated its uniform code, the hose disappeared on the darker flightsuits. Really, by then we weren’t that scared anymore.*

  • *I take that back, after countless cases, we still get pretty darn scared!

Go to your giant home improvement warehouse and buy clear hose. Get enough so you have some slack as it will dangle off your leg/belt. Good rule of thumb is not to get it too thick. You may need to buy yellow RIT dye, to dye the clear hose. Be careful, you don’t want to stain your clothes. No way the Slime Stain Defender™ will be able to help you now! Yes, it protects from ectoplasmic residue, but dye no.

If you don’t want to mess with yellow dye, Ghostbusters Fans Uniform shop section sells an already dyed hose.

**An important safety tip from Ghostbusters Fans.**

The hose connects to an industrial-sized valve stem oil seal (secured with a black strap lock in GB1, and sporting a “stem” in GB2) sewn onto the left leg of the flight suit, and the other end is tucked or coiled behind the belt. Although the length of the hose should be determined by the height of the person wearing it, the hoses used in the films appear to be around 3.5-5 ft. long.


Thirty years ago, we were using only Corcoran® zippered combat jump boots. The more company accurate boots can be pricey. If you’re comfortable with a less expensive type of combat boot, that’s fine. Can’t bust ghosts if your feet hurt!

Working Person’s  Store (Corcoran® products)


  1. Ghostbusters Fans
  2. Replica Prop Forum
  3. Proptopia

2 thoughts on “Suits

  1. Had a question about uniform requirements.

    Does it have to be a flightsuit?

    Can it be a set of black military fatigues?

    Is this just more of a suggestive guideline?

    1. It doesn’t have to be a flightsuit. That is what we’ve been using since the 80’s and generally recommend. You can wear what is comfortable and affordable. It isn’t like someone can’t have different ghostbustin’ attire for when the occasion fits.

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