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  1. Hi Richard Hope all is well I love the new site.. Any chance of putting the document the Ghostbusters Zombie Pamphlet and the other book the official role paying game here on the site.. I am still in the process of organizaing my franchsie and getting my people, etc.. My email address is now fpb1237738 AT aol DOT com. the rerelease of Ghostbusters in on my birthday so I am really looking forward to the release, in fact I might be going in uniform.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Fred Balestriero.

    1. Fred, its nice to hear from you. Thank you for the compliment with GB Inc. Its not always noticeable, I’ve worked hard on it along with my other sites.

      You may have seen them by now, the RPG book and its original material is on-line. Either roll your mouse over Media in the navigation menu to see the drop down menus or click on Media. The Ghostbusters zombie pamphlet is listed on the Media page.

      That’s great about your birthday coinciding with the 30th Anniversary official release of Ghostbusters in theaters. If the franchise I’m in meets up, I’ll probably be in uniform as well.

      I edited your email address to try to help prevent spam, if it isn’t too late already.

      1. Great thanks for the reply. I am on facebook so you can friend me if you would like, can you sned me the official franchsie forms, and do you know where I might be able to get a copy of norms Uniform guide. I believe it was a black and white page that showed a ghostbsuter uniform and it had slime eating one of the legs. I am trying to get my gb stuff in order I lost all my previous gb stuff when the puter crashed but now back up minus the gb stuff. s always take care look forward to seeing on facebook, oh is that now the official way to create a franchise page is facebook

  2. Glad you’re back up and running with your computer.

    You can send a “friend” request to my Ecto-Containment (Spengs) Facebook account.


    The official franchise documentation are above these comments on this very page. 8) Click on each one to either open to full size or click to “save as.”

    I do remember Norm’s 1 page uniform “plans.” Slimer was in front of one of the legs. I found it through Google search, originally posted on the original Ghostbusters Home Page.

    GB Inc. has a uniform guide under Franchising. Click on Suits.

    As Facebook is free, seems to be the easiest route for upcoming franchises to have a web presence (site) for their new start up. Any site one is comfortable with will due. As long as they’re paying their franchise fees. 😉 Personally I’d rather see franchises have a web site and use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media brands as an extension of their web sites.

  3. after quite a bit of time and several attempts, I am finally going to be able to run a game sometime in the next few weeks. And, what truly makes a game epic.. but piles of paperwork for them to fill out!

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