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17 thoughts on “Midwest

    1. If your franchise group isn’t listed, let us know and we’ll look into it. We’ve been updating both our site and our Facebook in recent months. Including today.

      1. Thank you for telling GBI about your group! We’ve added Mid Michigan Ghostbusters to our Midwest locations page. “Welcome aboard.”

  1. Okay guys… why don’t we come up with a patch that we can all wear on our uniforms to signify that we are International? I know that we would wear them! 🙂 Let’s see some designs! We could even make it a contest!

  2. Generally speaking the “no ghost” logo patch is an international patch. To stand out and represent Ghostbusters in either a state or someone’s country, custom “no ghost” logo patches came about. Gave it more personality to reflect a state’s or countries “mind set” and “culture.”

    Many many years ago I wasn’t too crazy about the idea. I got use to them fairly quickly. By the time I knew Michael Gross himself dug his iconic logo copied on an individual/group level I was more than fine with it.

    I’m not against anyone designing their idea of a “universal” international patch. Not sure yet if we’d “officially endorse” it. If their were enough designs I’d share them on this site and through our social media outlets.

    As I said yesterday Ghostbusters International isn’t just about me. Whomever wants to, have fun. 8)

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