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14 thoughts on “Midwest

  1. Okay guys… why don’t we come up with a patch that we can all wear on our uniforms to signify that we are International? I know that we would wear them! 🙂 Let’s see some designs! We could even make it a contest!

  2. Generally speaking the “no ghost” logo patch is an international patch. To stand out and represent Ghostbusters in either a state or someone’s country, custom “no ghost” logo patches came about. Gave it more personality to reflect a state’s or countries “mind set” and “culture.”

    Many many years ago I wasn’t too crazy about the idea. I got use to them fairly quickly. By the time I knew Michael Gross himself dug his iconic logo copied on an individual/group level I was more than fine with it.

    I’m not against anyone designing their idea of a “universal” international patch. Not sure yet if we’d “officially endorse” it. If their were enough designs I’d share them on this site and through our social media outlets.

    As I said yesterday Ghostbusters International isn’t just about me. Whomever wants to, have fun. 8)

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