The Official Ghostbusters™ Training Manual


Written By: Christopher Brown

Restored By: Richard Roy


It began as a tie-in to Ghostbusters. A little book most likely meant for children. Or for an older fan (circa 1984) a nice piece of Ghostbusters merchandise which would become a collectible. The book we’re talking about, The Official Ghostbusters™ Training Manual: A Guide To Catching Ghosts. Little did Dr. Venkman realize that this book would continue to inspire young people as they grew up wanting to be Ghostbusters. Or adults thinking of changing careers without having to go to an unnamed university. Sure today Ghostbusters International has extensive tech manuals and training manuals on the fine art of ‘busting. What we haven’t had to sell or give out in nearly three decades is one of the greatest promotional materials for starting a franchise ever. Until now.

We dug through the archives and found a rare copy of The Official Ghostbusters™ Training Manual: A Guide To Catching Ghosts, complete with a sheet of stickers. For our company, our franchises, field agents, and potential franchises you’re about to see this rare piece of movie franchise history and promotional materials. We hope while enjoying this book it may inspire as it has had for years.

You already know that this 29 year old book has been restored by me. How dare I touch a classic? Wrong. Even Sony Pictures Home Entertainment restored from the original, the video and audio for our blockbuster films in 1999 and 2005. Which in hindsight was a mistake in 2005. After scanning the aged book on a scanner which might have been possessed, I restored it to look like you could have bought it today from your favorite book store. Whether you walked into a place or ordered on-line. How did I do this? Using graphics software and taking screen captures from the restored 1999 edition of Ghostbusters. As well as by checking out some plans on the internet. I tried not to take anything away from the original training manual. I even took the certificate (which in my opinion wasn’t good even in 1984) and made a brand new one for our fans, franchises, and field agents. Which if you know where to look has the feel of the original. Lastly where needed for Ghostbusters International I included a credit of where this “newer” edition came from.

The Official Ghostbusters™ Training Manual: A Guide To Catching Ghosts PDF (8.7 MB)


3 thoughts on “The Official Ghostbusters™ Training Manual

    1. It depends on condition, availability, what a seller (just going by looking on-line) is asking, and what a buyer is willing to pay.

      A quick search on Amazon, prices vary from $11 to $50 USD. The $50 copy is listed as collectible. Is it really? That’s for a buyer to decide.

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