Winterizing Your Equipment


Preparing Your Franchise For the Winter Season

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Ghostbusters International community, winter is and has been upon us!

Of course, as all of you are aware, the work of Ghostbusters International employees does not end with the summer sunshine, the last leaf falling, or the first snowfall. Instead, we are required to carry on through the dark & dreary wintertime, charged with protecting and serving the towns, cities, states, and nations we all hold dear.

In an effort to ease the “burden of the season,” GBI has created the following tutorial for franchise use in preparing for winter’s wrath. Within, GBI Ghostbusters will find information regarding equipment performance in decreased temperatures, expected seasonal phenomenon, etc.  Please pay close attention to the info herein; it could mean the difference between a friendly winter bust and total protonic reversal.

Concerns for members of any GBI franchise during the winter season primarily concern equipment functioning and effectiveness in decreased temperatures and seasonal phenomenon. In order to address the above issues, we offer here a number of well-researched suggestions and guidelines.

Equipment Functioning

While standard GBI equipment is rated for use in all weather and temperature conditions, the following are suggestions for use in wintertime (lower-temperature, snowy)  conditions:

  • Employ the use of water deterrents on all packs and traps.
  • Use EXTREME caution when using packs/traps in areas with high volumes of snowfall; limited-visibility may prove troublesome.
  • Avoid placing traps in areas of high snow accumulation; while snow will not affect the trap directly (due to heat emitted by the trap itself), water from melting snow & ice may harm functioning electronics.
  • Use tripod traps in areas as described above whenever possible.
  • Use caution when operating all Ectomobiles* in wintertime conditions; the top-heavy nature of such vehicles (due to roof-rack equipment placement) may adversely affect operation and maneuverability. *Your vehicle may differ from the standard ’59 MMs.
  • Do NOT wear thick/bulky gloves; use thinner leather gloves for increased coordination and grip when operating equipment.
  • When outside for extended periods of time, note that the heat generated by the proton pack is ample heat for warming the body upon which it is strapped.
  • Use caution when standing in front of another buster while packs are switched on; steam rising from the pack or gun when temperatures are extremely low (due to emitted heat) may interfere with visibility.
  • Use your best judgement when operating equipment during the winter season: A safe Ghostbuster is an effective Ghostbuster!

Seasonal Phenomenon

Be advised of the following phenomenon taking place primarily during the winter season:

  • Apparitions not common during the summertime (i.e. Yeti [“Ab. Snowman”], etc.) may increase in activity during the winter season; take note of pertinent information regarding such specters and spooks via Tobin’s Spirit Guide or equal informational source.
  • Appearances may be deceiving: what looks to be steam may, in fact, be the materialization of the typical vaporous apparition.
  • Use extreme caution when called to occurrences on the evenings of Dec. 24-25th; such sightings may not be due to negative spiritual phenomenon.

Misc. Guidelines*

  • Snow-blindness is dangerous: wear appropriate eyewear when necessary.
  • GBI suggests long underwear or better under garments for use under standard-issue flightsuits; such clothing items help retain heat in situations of long-term exposure to cold weather.
  • A winter hat is also advisable; according to research by Dr. Egon Spengler, a vast majority of body heat is lost through the top of the head when a warm winter hat is not worn.
  • Avoid frozen bodies of water (lakes, ponds, etc.); such locations are dangerous due to limited freezing.
  • Stay warm, stay safe, stay professional!

*While the guidelines outlined above are recommended for use by all GBI employees, the best advice we are able to offer remains the use of an individual/group’s best judgement when performing in adverse conditions.


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