New Rubies Ghostbusters Costumes

New Ghostbusters costumes are coming later in the year from Rubie’s Costume Company. Ruble’s added promotional photos to their site. New Ghostbusters costumes include children’s uniforms from the original Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters (2016) movies.

  • Additional children and adult costumes based off Ghostbusters (2016) ghosts.
  • Wigs based off Ghostbusters (2016) female hair styles.
  • Latex ghost masks.
  • Jillian Holtzmann’s bold necklace costume jewelry.

Larger photos after the break!

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Cinemark Knows What To Wear This Summer


Years before I chose to lose income working for Ghostbusters International (earlier in the 21 Century) I worked for more then one movie theater chain. While I can’t confirm either chain didn’t have movie t-shirts for walking human billboards up to my employment, we occasionally promoted movies and snack brands by wearing buttons.

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Arts & Crafts: Ghosthead Scarf

We were about 84% sure we’ve sold Ghostbusters scarves before. It’s possible, we couldn’t think of one off the top of our heads. Uh, no puns intended. If their was never an official one, then we don’t blame Supernova Costuming for making one. Hey, is that a space reference or a Oasis homage? Continue reading “Arts & Crafts: Ghosthead Scarf”

We Love Fine Ghostbusters Rompers


Ghostbusters Incorporated apparel partner We Love Fine is now selling new Ghostbusters women’s rompers.  Each costume/uniform includes and features:

  1. “No Ghost” logo patch.
  2. Character name patch.
  3. Side waist cinch.
  4. Exposed zipper.
  5. Contrast piping.
  6. Comfortable flexible elastic cuff opening.
  7. Top bodice pocket.
  8. Back Pocket.

Ghostbusters rompers retail for $78 USD before applicable tax.

Photo Source: We Love Fine

Brainstorm Gear Cycling Ghostbusters Jersey


Brainstorm Gear, a cycling and active wear apparel company have released their new Ghostbusters “Slimer” cycling Jersey. Previously they’ve made Star Trek cycling jerseys, hats, and t-shirts.

Except for the “stock” Slimer graphic which is on the back of the jersey, I’m really liking this. If this existed before I had my first car in 1996, I would have continued cycling on my Specialized race/road bike for much longer.

Brainstorm has two versions, one for men, one for the ladies.

Hopefully Brainstorm Ghostbusters hats aren’t far behind.

Both are available now with a retail price of $89.99 USD.

Photo Source: Brainstorm Gear