Beyond The Marquee Reviews Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters Donuts


David Chase from Beyond The Marquee visited a local Krispy Kreme to experience and try Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary donuts. As he was “taste testing” the official donuts anyhow, David Chase wrote a review.

Photo Source: Beyond The Marquee


New Press And Personal Ghostbusters Photos Added


Two new Press photos and one Personal photo from Ghostbusters™ have been added to their respective Photo pages. Ghostbusters Incorporated sends a special thanks to Columbia Pictures, owned by Sony Pictures and Beyond The Marquee.

The photo above comes from part of what became the montage. The scene was part of a longer conversation with the media and a way of free advertising. Below is part of the “cut” scene when a “street punk” is bothering Egon.

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Beyond The Marquee Interviews Stephen Dane


Movie and TV website Beyond The Marquee interviewed Stephen Dane. Mr. Dane created the movie versions of ECTO-1 and the prop equipment. Although they did look amazingly similar to the real ones! Topics Include:

  • Stephen Dane’s start in Hollywood.
  • How Stephen Dane came to work on Ghostbusters.
  • Designing a movie version of ECTO-1 and prop equipment.
  • Working with Ivan Reitman.
  • Proton Pack inspiration.
  • Physically building prop Proton Packs and Ghost Traps.
  • Paper To Props.
  • ECTO-1 build process.
  • Designing “Ghostbusters II” prop equipment.
  • Ghostbusters memories.
  • Ghostbusters impact on Stephen Dane’s career.

If they asked me to work on a new Ghostbusters film, I’d do it in a flash. It sure ought to be interesting …

Beyond The Marquee’s interview with Stephen Dane.

We’re sure speaking to Mr. Stephen Dane would have been more then enough. Because of the unprecedented access that was granted Jon Donahue and Mr. Stephen Dane checked out the screen used ECTO-1 once again.

Photo Sources: Beyond The Marquee

Beyond The Marquee Interviews Joe Medjuck


Movie and TV website Beyond The Marquee interviewed Ghostbusters producer Joe Medjuck to talk about Ghostbusters during its 3oth Anniversary. Topics include:

  • Filming Ghostbusters.
  • Working with the cast.
  • Worst filming memory.
  • Los Angeles Firehouse Engine #23 location.
  • Ivan Reitman’s directing “style.”
  • “Lost Footage.”
  • Real “ghostly encounters” during filming.
  • Ectomobile.
  • Stephen Dane. (ECTO-1 designer.)
  • Props.
  • Merchandise.
  • The Real Ghostbusters.
  • Ghostheads.
  • “Ghostbusters 3.”
  • Harold Ramis.
  • Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary screenings.

Beyond The Marquee’s interview with Joe Medjuck!

Photo Source: Beyond The Marquee

Beyond The Marquee Web Series Checks Out Ghostbusters Merchandise


Thirty years ago Dr. Peter Venkman had a vision of “franchise rights” and pretty much making more money then they could ever imagine. It took time, (less than a year) Ghostbusters Incorporated’s parent company not only franchised Ghostbusters to expand the study and elimination of supernatural phenomenon, also trademarked and licensed all things GHOSTBUSTERS™ for a variety of print, film, toys, collectibles, and so on.

I don’t think it was originally intended, my employers created a lot of stuff which we’re still collecting 30 years later. Undoubtedly beyond as well. While one article couldn’t cover it all, movie, TV site, and Beyond The Marquee takes a look at some Ghostbusters™ merch with our friends at Sony’s Marketing Consumer Division as part of their web series too.

Article: Beyond The Marquee’s article on Ghostbusters merchandise!