Cryptozoic Entertainment Ghostbusters Blind Box Figures Update


Besides new Ghostbusters kitchenware photos Cryptozoic Entertainment unveiled a photo of their Ghostbusters blind box figures. Which Cryptozoic Entertainment calls Micro Figures. Their will be 16 to “collect them all!” What Ghostbusters micro figures will their be?


  • Peter Venkman
  • Egon Spengler
  • Winston Zeddemore
  • Ray Stantz
  • Terror Dog
  • Vigo the Carpathian
  • Zuul
  • Vinz Clortho
  • Janine Melnitz
  • Library Ghost
  • Nunzio Scoleri
  • Tony Scoleri
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
  • Slimer
  • Gozer
  • Ecto-1

Micro Figures should be at retailers in September 2016.

Photo Source: Cryptozoic Entertainment


New York Toy Fair: Cryptozoic Entertainment Merch


Ghostbusters licensee newcomer Cryptozoic Entertainment was at this year’s New York Toy Fair to not only promote the very successful campaign (Kickstarter) for Ghostbusters The Board Game, their additional Ghostbusters products.

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