Cross The Streams Podcast – Episode 40


Broadcasting from The Technodrome.

Topic: Funko Pop Ghostbusters

Guest, Robert Englund, talking about Ghostbusters 3. Our fan films already did that. :p Other old and new films are discussed.

Show ends with the Ghost…no, the people’s mayor David Margulies.

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Cross The Streams Podcast – Episode 39 (Harold Ramis Tribute)


Michael Gross, Robin Shelby, Johnny Ruckus, Alex Newborn, Chris Weller, Vee Labbs, Brandon Lee, Dennis Carter Jr, Jeff Lewis, Paul Hettinger, Jesse Sosa, Jason Fitsimmons, Eric Bunch, Erik Burnham, Chris Gay, Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters, Martin Rousseau, Timothy Lin, Adriana Munoz, Andrew Watley, Drew Guyer, Michael Miller, Simon Carr, Eric Cudworth, Todd Whalen, Derek Chartrand Wallace, Zac Crago, Ryan E. Kemp, Scott Silver, Robert Swarez, Mike Saproni, Bo Bearden, Kevin James, Chad Paulson, Adam Marish, Carl Lyon, and Dan Shoening.

Show Length: 58:46
File Size: 27 MB

Cross The Streams Episode 39

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Cross The Streams Podcast – Episode 38


Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Ghostbusters: The Video Game with Jesse Sosa, a developer on the game since its humble beginning.

Talking Points

  • How the game came together.
  • Why the Ray’s Occult level didn’t make the final game.
  • Podcast feedback.
  • Show Length: 45:56
  • File Size: 21.1 MB
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