Ghostbusters Battle For New York Dubai Ride Experience


Unfortunately because of Dubai geographic location for many of us we won’t be able to experience Dubai Parks & Resorts Ghostbusters Battle For New York (GBI Blog Post, May 6, 2016) in person.

Fortunately because of technology and theme park specific web sites, we can at least somewhat visually experience what its like to “battle” ghosts there.

Theme Park HD recorded for ghostheads (and theme park attendees) about a 5 minute walk through of this trackless Ghostbusters ride.

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Ghostbusters Battle For New York Dubai Ride


Since we last wrote about Ghostbusters theme park attractions (GBI Blog Post, January 3, 2016) there have been significant developments with Dubai Parks & Resorts motiongate theme park. Calling motiongate a theme park will be an understatement.

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Ghostbusters Theme Park Attractions


In November 2014 we posted a speculative post about a survey from Universal if their was enough interest in bringing back the (or rather a) Ghostbusters theme park attraction. While that hasn’t materialized (perhaps again someday) in America, their were major developments in both Mexico and Dubai. Continue reading “Ghostbusters Theme Park Attractions”