Funko Pop Movies Ghostbusters Domo Style


Back in May we posted about Ghostbusters Incorporated, SonyFunko, and Big Ten Entertainment partnering together to bring ghostheads and Domo fans Funko Movie Pops! Ghostbusters Domo figures! 5 months later we’re getting our first look at them.

We don’t know yet if their will be more Ghostbusters Domo Pops. The three that are being released are a good start and a nice expansion for the respective franchises. Continue reading “Funko Pop Movies Ghostbusters Domo Style”


Domo Releasing Ghostbusters Collectibles


I’ve seen ‘Domo’ products before, haven’t really known about them. I really got off the train (what train?) to my mid thirties a year ago. I guess I thought it was something the kids are into, like Minecraft.

I didn’t know Domo is a product of Japan. Which may add to its coolness when combined with Ghostbusters.™ Basically Domo will create iconic scenes from Ghostbusters with their big brown furry one.

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