NYTF 16: Factory Entertainment


Last weekend was Toy Fair New York. Or as most have called, including us New York Toy Fair.  Quite of a few of our licensees are exhibiting our mutually beneficial wares. Our Ghostbusters franchise members have been in attendance to provide announcements and photos.

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New York Toy Fair: Factory Entertainment Ghostbusters Jewelry & Blankets

factentdisplaynytf factentnoghostringnytf

Figures.com took and shared photos of some of Factory Entertainment‘s New York Toy Fair upcoming Ghostbusters merchandise. For the first time maybe since most of us were kids, if that Factory Entertainment will be producing three Ghostbusters rings. Along with two different Ghostbusters blankets. Can’t always work in a warm climate.

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New York Toy Fair: Factory Entertainment Peter And Ray Shakems Video


Factory Entertainment filmed a 29 second video (probably using their fruity or robot phone) at New York Toy Fair. Previously only pictures surfaced of the Ghostbusters Shakems and they were behind the more prominent Stay-Puft and Slimer Shakems. Thanks to the video we now know both Peter and Ray do more then “shake.” Pressing a button will play at least two lines of dialogues the characters said in Ghostbusters. Unlike the Matty Collector Retro-Action Citizen Ghost Peter Venkmans, the dialogue is from the actual actors, not someone doing an impression.

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New York Toy Fair: New Factory Entertainment Ghostbusters Shakems Pictures


Figures.com took new pictures of Factory Entertainment‘s upcoming Ghostbusters Shakems. Pictures from New York Toy Fair showed Mr. Stay-Puft, Slimer, a variant angry Stay-Puft head, which will be included, and their boxes.

I felt like I also saw pictures of the actual Ghostbusters Shakems too which were being worked on within the last year. If I find out new information about them, I can provide an update.

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New York Toy Fair: Factory Entertainment Write ‘Ems


Factory Entertainment, makers of the upcoming Ghostbusters Shakems and lunchbox showed off a set of Ghostbusters character pens, known as Write ‘Ems. They appear to be small, wide or fat pens that can stand on their own for display too. They look more like collectibles then writing instruments. Slimer reminds me of a candle. It seems Peter Venkman and Slimer Write ‘Ems will come as a set. Its unclear if Factory Entertainment is planning on making more Ghostbusters characters Write ‘Ems.

I don’t know if the rights are already secured or the products are in some production stage. Unless Factory Entertainment knows Write ‘Ems are profitable I’d hold off on selling the other guys as collectible pens.

No further information is available about release date or pricing.

What do you think of these Write ‘Ems? Will you be buying?

Photo Source: Figures.com

Factory Entertainment Shows New Pictures Of Ghostbusters Shakems

Factory Entertainment, a Ghostbusters licensee has been working on Ghostbusters Shakems which seem to be a better take on the bobble head concept. Which will include at least a couple of Ghostbusters, Stay-Puft, and Slimer. The concentration appears to be on both Stay-Puft and Slimer. Today Factory Entertainment is showing new pictures of both the Stay-Puft and Slimer Shakems.

factentstaypuft factentslimer

The exact release date is TBD. Some retail sites are listing either April or May 2014 with a suggested retail price around $50 USD.