Ghostbusters ATC Roleplaying ID Cards


In 1986 West End Games published Ghostbusters™ A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game. One of the things this one of a kind Ghostbusters game book came with were ID cards for the Ghostbusters, Janine, and Dana. Sorry Louis.

That was pretty much it, (that I know of) until a new Ghostbusters movie was released during Summer 2016.

If you or your RPG buddies have been waiting to add the newer Ghostbusters and didn’t because of lack of equipment cards the wait is finally over.

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Ghostbusters RPG Cover Art

Artist Jennell Jaquays, painted cover art for West End Games Ghostbusters™ A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game supplemental books Pumpkin Patch Panic and Apokermis Now!

On October 31, 2015, (um we were pretty busy) Jennell Jaquays shared her two cover paintings. To this day her Apokermis Now art is still one of the weirdest pieces of art I’ve ever encountered.

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Playing Games: Ghostbusters II The Adventure PDF


In September of 2014, we added West End Games Ghostbusters adventure book, Hot Rods Of The Gods. (GBI Blog Post, September 14, 2014)

Since then we’ve had ghostheads who want to help us add additional adventure/supplemental books. We really appreciate the offer and are willing to accept as long as the scans come from you and weren’t or aren’t part of another site.

Before Christmas ghosthead Jon Armke got in touch with us to offer such supplemental materials we don’t already have on-line. Today, Jon sent a PDF file of Ghostbusters II: The Adventure.

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Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub


The Nerdy Show, a podcasting network has a Ghostbusters Roleplaying Game (RPG) podcast called Ghostbusters Resurrection. As part of their gaming adventures very similar to Ghostbusters Incorporated’s Ghostbusters™ The Roleplaying Game, they use a “standard” equipment deck. General Manager Doug Banks modernized it for the 21 Century by including expanded Ghostbusters™ content. Continue reading “Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub”

Playing Games: Hot Rods Of The Gods PDF


Back in February we made major updates to Ghostbusters Incorporated Media section, many which included Ghostbusters™ The Roleplaying Game. Up to then the only content we didn’t have completed was the supplemental book Hot Rods Of The Gods. We were working on the book before Earth moved closer to the Sun, at some point that work faded into the background until today.

We went back over and through the covers, supplemental material, and 48 pages to make sure they were like new. Similar to the roleplaying game itself this is the best version from GB Inc. we’ve ever had.

If we receive or find additional supplemental gaming books in the archives, they can be added to the site.

Hot Rods Of The Gods is part of the Ghostbusters™ The Roleplaying Game page. Or download the 265.7 MB file PDF directly.

GB Inc. Media


Lack of news updates this month is partially attributed to working on site content. I could have posted smaller posts, I wanted to wait until a certain amount of content had been completed and uploaded. This was also occurring during a barrage of snow storms, changes to health insurance, and of course big Toy Fair news.

In the old incarnation of GBI, the majority of converted print media wasn’t available in PDF format. Basically because I didn’t know I already had software to combine multiple PDF files. Instead of just uploading separate files, through research, trial, and error, what is or was physical books became digital copies for the first time. With the later media I did more then combine PDF files. I’ll talk more about that in this post.

Documentation (Forms)

All previous GBI forms have been updated for GB Inc. These are the new changes.

  • “New Letterhead”
  • Franchise Application can be used for “internal” use within your group’s franchise or to even help start a franchise. It isn’t for “corporate” use so I can make your franchise official. Those days are over.
  • Dr. Venkman “welcome” letter has been updated to something that felt more natural, not just “corporate, universal.” I wasn’t always happy with the corporate letter for something that’s suppose to be “personal.”
  • GB Inc, 8 page contract was updated to remove Ghostbusters International and GBI. Replaced with GHOSTBUSTERS, Ghostbusters Incorporated, and GB Inc.

Ghostbusters Training Manual

  • Converted to PDF file.

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