Ghostbusters Pumpkin Patterns

Last October, only slightly earlier then this year I wrote about Ghostbusters pumpkin patterns. (GB Inc. Blog Post, October 21, 2014) While you can still download any or all 4 Ghostbusters, Slimer, Stay-Puft, and a Terror Dog from Zombie Pumpkins, this year brings us familiar new pumpkin patterns from Pumpkin Pile. Continue reading “Ghostbusters Pumpkin Patterns”


Ghostbusters Pumpkin Patterns


The talented and creative folks over at Zombie Pumpkins (nice) have created Ghostbusters pumpkin patterns for Ghostbusters™ 30th Anniversary as part of their ‘Heroic Headliners.’

  1. Peter
  2. Ray
  3. Egon
  4. Winston

Also new for 2014 is a pumpkin pattern for Slimer, which is part of their ‘Movie Monsters’ section. Kinda for Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary Zombie Pumpkin created the big, fluffy, sticky guy Mr. Stay-Puft.

*Update* New the week of October 26, 2014:

Photo Source: Zombie Pumpkins