New Tobin’s Spirit Guide Translated To English Is Coming


In January we wrote about how Joe Nonostante, an Italian ghosthead had created an unofficial, yet extensive fan made Tobin’s Spirit Guide. (GB Inc. Blog Post, January 26, 2015) During the first week of February we updated that blog post with news that Joe’s Tobin’s Spirit Guide could be translated into English. Continue reading “New Tobin’s Spirit Guide Translated To English Is Coming”


New Tobin’s Spirit Guide In Italian


Italian ghosthead Joe Nonostante spent a year (what were you doing?) by not only translating Tobin’s Spirit Guide to Italian, (that has to be easy right?) adding pretty much every ghost from The Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, with additional entries from Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Making this the largest and most complete Tobin’s Spirit Guide to date at 496 pages.

Ghostbusters Italy, tell us more. Translation* to follow after the original Italian.

Ghostbusters Italia ha il piacere di segnalare che finalmente dopo più di un anno di lavoro del grande Joe Nonostante è stato completato il progetto dei fan GB!
La guida degli acchiappafantasmi…
La Tobin, guida agli spiriti in versione italiana!


Oltre 250 entità Catalogate. Oltre 50 figure rilevanti dell’ambiente del paranormale.
Oltre 50 luoghi infestati da tutto il mondo GB.
Oltre 70 artefatti descritti.

Sono disponibili le prime copie, per maggiori informazioni potete contattare scrivendo a tobinspiritsguide @

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Ghostbusters Italia Fun Mobs Italian Library


When Ghostbusters Italia plan something, they’re all in, or why do something? For Ghostbusters upcoming 30th Anniversary members of this Italian franchise and Italian company Fun Mob got together to surprise these students and put on a “fake electronic light show.”

All part of a Ghostbusters flash mob. Probably the only ones surprised by dancing Ghostbusters/ghostheads were the Italians that were in the area.

You’ve made this Italian American ghosthead/Ghostbuster proud. I don’t know what that cost, pretty sure someone owes GB Inc. mandatory fees.

Photo Source: Funmob Italia