Beyond The Marquee Interviews Joe Medjuck


Movie and TV website Beyond The Marquee interviewed Ghostbusters producer Joe Medjuck to talk about Ghostbusters during its 3oth Anniversary. Topics include:

  • Filming Ghostbusters.
  • Working with the cast.
  • Worst filming memory.
  • Los Angeles Firehouse Engine #23 location.
  • Ivan Reitman’s directing “style.”
  • “Lost Footage.”
  • Real “ghostly encounters” during filming.
  • Ectomobile.
  • Stephen Dane. (ECTO-1 designer.)
  • Props.
  • Merchandise.
  • The Real Ghostbusters.
  • Ghostheads.
  • “Ghostbusters 3.”
  • Harold Ramis.
  • Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary screenings.

Beyond The Marquee’s interview with Joe Medjuck!

Photo Source: Beyond The Marquee