New York Toy Fair: Ghostbusters Marshmallow Fun Booth


We had shared via our social media Marshmallow Fun‘s New York Toy Fair booth set up. As most, if not all of their Ghostbusters Marshmallow Shooter products are currently available to buy, we weren’t going to write more about it.

Then we saw this closer pic of the ‘shooting gallery’ taken by NYC Ghostbusters and changed our minds. We know that 100ft target isn’t available for sale, and yeah most fans don’t have the room for one of that size. Its still pretty cool. Stay-Puft, Slimer, shadowy Ghostbusters busting, and melting marshmallow images!

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Ivan Reitman’s Restaurant To Offer Marshmallow Inspired Dessert


Ivan Reitman is expanding his cinema horizons with a new restaurant in the Toronto area. What would a restaurant be without desserts? When you’re associated with Ghostbusters and have your own restaurant, wisely one of those desserts is going to be based off Ghostbusters. Of course more specifically something made from or with marshmallows, Stay-Puft Marshmallows!

Here’s what Ivan Reitman had to say about it.

“We haven’t perfected it yet, but it’s going to be some kind of exploding marshmallow thing.”

Source: The Huffington Post (Canada)

Marshmallow Fun Releasing Ghostbusters Shooters


I admit, I basically hadn’t heard of Marshmallow Fun. I’m not the type of person whose idea of having fun with marshmallows is “firing” them. I’m by no means cheap, I don’t like to waste food. I wouldn’t have thought of something like this.

I don’t eat marshmallows often anyway. When I have, my fun with them involved creating a sorta recreation of Mr. Stay-Puft, making S’mores, or roasting them. Either way they’re for consumption. The creative and genius minds at Marshmallow Fun figured if they made toy products that people could have fun with, that involves marshmallows is not only a marketable idea, but a profitable one. Which is why I’m not a licensee to Ghostbusters.

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