Asda Selling Ghostbusters T-Shirts


Asda, a grocery store chain in the United Kingdom is selling 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters t-shirts. The above t-shirts were seen and shared by ghosthead Ian Dawes. The “no ghost” logo t-shirt appears to be the same design (minus the white ‘GHOST BUSTERS’ text) that was used on the gray t-shirts Australian retailer Primark had (could still be) been selling. Naturally the Slimer design comes from how Slimer looked in Ghostbusters.™ Which seems to work better for this overall design. A similar design from Ghostbusters II™ probably could have worked just as well.

After this picture was shared ghostheads Martin Dootson and Gemma Billingham commented that Asda is selling additional Ghostbusters t-shirts. Interestedly enough one shirt uses the deleted Fort Detmerring photo ghostheads are familiar with. Another features a more retro The Real Ghostbusters Slimer t-shirt. Continue reading “Asda Selling Ghostbusters T-Shirts”


New Ghostbusters T-Shirts Available At JC Penney


I haven’t been to any malls, especially the closest one to my home since Summer. Coincidentally I was near my “childhood” mall the weekend Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary screenings were playing. Not that it probably would have mattered for this post, I wanted to go to that mall, their wasn’t enough time.

Like many ghostheads I’ve owned quite a few Ghostbusters t-shirts through the years. In the last decade (maybe a bit longer) as an adult I’ve had licensed t-shirts, home made ones (pre-new licensees) and then Ghostbusters International t-shirts. The Ghostbusters t-shirt I still wear is a heavier black t-shirt with the “no ghost” logo and Ghostbusters beneath it. I think I bought it in the later 2000s and it was made by a former Ghostbusters licensee. I still wear that shirt sometimes, I’ve been wanting a newer shirt during Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary.

I’ve known where to buy those kinds of t-shirts on-line since the summer. It was less of a priority to buy an official tee then say Ghostbusters Pop Movie! collectibles or the 30th Anniversary Blu-Rays. I was thinking of licensed Ghostbusters t-shirts and before getting to the mall near my home, seeing a little what could be available. Continue reading “New Ghostbusters T-Shirts Available At JC Penney”

Ernie Hudson Visits NYC Ghostbusters Locations


Actor and Ghostbusters Incorporated friend Ernie Hudson was in New York City recently in part to promote Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. Since he was in the city anyway 😉 Ernie Hudson and Entertainment Weekly Kyle Ryan toured some of Ghostbusters locations. Ernie Hudson shared some of his memories from making Ghostbusters along the way.

Photo Source: EW

New York Post Remembers When Ernie Hudson Filmed Ghostbusters

We’ll forgive hometown newspaper New York Post for using a pic of Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters II™ when talking about filming Ghostbusters.™ In honor of Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary and subsequent ongoing screenings this week The Post spoke to Ernie Hudson, who of course portrayed Winston Zeddemore about filming Ghostbusters in Gotham. Um, we’re pretty sure that’s a different city, one with a little more crime.

The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man’s Simulated Damage


If we had known Dr. Stantz was going to think of something harmless that would never hurt them and then that thought was going to manifest into a 100 foot marshmallow man that was going to cause physical damage to New York City; we would have liked to know what this damage was going to be.

Thirty years later, millions of dollars, and lawsuits makes this kinda late. However, should a product mascot and logo materialize into a very large manifestation to stomp through NYC, thanks to Cube Cities, we’ll all have a much better idea of the damage it can cause to infrastructure and our massively deep wallets.

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Central Park Ghostbusters Screening


The Central Park Conservancy announced its list of Central Park’s Free Summer movies. Of course (unless its a complete coincidence) during Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary they’ll be screening Ghostbusters in one of our historical areas (we can picture the upper west side from 30 years ago already) on August 21, 2014.

We’re not sure why the Conservancy chose to screen Ghostbusters on a Thursday. I suppose the event is suppose to be local to those who live on the island that is Manhattan. For those who may want to attend from that Garden state may want to make it a three day weekend. Good thing then I’m already in the city that never sleeps.

Source: gothamist

Gallery 1988′s Ghostbusters Art


Who ya gonna draw? *groans*

If you weren’t able to attend the opening of Gallery 1988‘s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art in New York City, our friends at Nerd Evolution filmed a video to share with ghostheads around the world.

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