Individual Look At Quantum Mechanix Q-Pop Ghostbusters


In September Quantum Mechanix released a promo photo (posted above) of their upcoming Q-Pop Ghostbusters figures. During October (we think, we accidentally overlooked it to post) QMX and on-line retailers released separate photos of the boys in gray. Let’s take a better look at each of them. Continue reading “Individual Look At Quantum Mechanix Q-Pop Ghostbusters”


Quantum Mechanix Q-Pop Ghostbusters Promo Photo


Quantum Mechanix released a promo photo for their upcoming Ghostbusters Q-Pop figures. A release date and pricing hasn’t been announced yet.

Hey all! For those asking: we do not have an ETA on these yet. As soon as that starts to shape up, we’ll be sure to share! 🙂

Photo Source: Quantum Mechanix (Facebook)

SDCC: Ghostbusters Q-Pop Figures


In February QMX announced Ghostbusters Q-Pop figures. For New York Toy Fair physical figures weren’t yet available, only 3D artwork. At San Diego Comic Con QMX had all 4 Q-Pop Ghostbusters on display. I didn’t really know what to make of these figures then. They still kinda look kid versions of the Ghostbusters or what they could look if their was a new animated series.

I’ve still never seen a Q-Pop figure in person, for Ghostbusters these seem to just about perfectly capture what Ghostbusters is and the personalities of each character. QMX even made Slimer, without really having to make him. I just noticed a tiny Stay-Puft marshmallow man with Ray, making these a little more perfect.

We don’t know yet how they’ll be packaged, pricing, or release dates. Hopefully if they do well, QMX will make more figures. Janine from Ghostbusters anyone?

Photo Source: Tomopop

New York Toy Fair: QMX Announces Q-Pop Ghostbusters


QMX, (Quantum Mechanics) makers of Q-Pop figures announced at New York Toy Fair they’ll be producing Ghostbusters Q-Pop figures. Q-Pop Ghostbusters Prototypes weren’t available, (hopefully for future cons) the above four concepts were. From first glance you might think QMX was prepearing a treatment for a new cartoon, perhaps with kid versions of the guys. If you ignore the fact Ray is smoking a cigarette. Which in itself today will be interesting to see if that makes the final version.

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