Ghostbusters Firehouse Gets Festive

Dr. Ray Stantz was at our original and number one Firehouse HQ transforming the real Ghostbusters central for Christmas. Once decorating was complete, one of the rookies was getting ready to take a picture when a certain green ghost had to make an appearance. Which at least startled this rookie. The experience gave Dr. Stantz a good laugh.

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You Can Be a Ghostbuster…”Action” Figure


Cubify, a printing company who can produce objects in 3D is selling your collectible Ghostbusters™ “action” figure. Unlike Matty Collector’s male Rookie figure, this is a figurine (male or female) based on your likeness, at least your face with a pose (four to choose from) of your choice. Most likely something that fits your personality. Continue reading “You Can Be a Ghostbuster…”Action” Figure”

Complete Interview With Ryan French Aka The Rookie


Ryan French is the Associate Producer for Ghostbusters: The Video Game and is the original male “Rookie” that many of us played when we wanted to be a video game Ghostbuster alongside the Ghostbusters.

During the marketing and promotion of GB: The Video Game, Ryan French discussed his involvement. Previously clips from the interview were uploaded. During Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary the complete 9 minute (I rounded up) interview is available thanks to fatdroid who previously brought us the Ghostbusters movie alternate takes commercial.

Photo Source: fatdroid