Ghostbusters International Franchise Check In 2021

Written By: Lone Franchise Agent

Believe it or not it’s been three years since someone in this corporate glass (GBI Page) behemoth has written a post about franchise check ins. Hope your franchise paid those fees! Richard or some other web monkey has replied to requests to be added somewhere in our Locations (GBI Page) pages. Or quietly updated our Master Franchise List within the busy schedules.

Within a week of Ghostbusters Afterlife (Official Page) theatrical release in the US,* it was the time in 2021 to check all existing Franchise pages listed at Ghostbusters International.

*Your country may vary.

Some defunct website links were removed. Including Facebook pages that seemed to have vanished. In a (probably) future update someone at this building will better organize franchise links.

What we’re asking franchisees is basically to let us know how we, your clients, and partners in your community can access your web presence. Please check your correct geographic location. If your page has moved or your franchise/Ghostbusters group isn’t listed, please let us know.

You can leave a comment in this post, comment or message us at our Facebook Page, or email us. Our email address is: ghostbusterscities AT gmail Dot Com. Take that robot spammers!!

Email may not receive a direct reply. Groups will be added or updated soon as it’s possible.

If you’re ready to start a Ghostbusters franchise, check our F.A.Q and Franchising pages.

Photo Source: Ghostbusters International Media Files