New York Toy Fair: Factory Entertainment Peter And Ray Shakems Video


Factory Entertainment filmed a 29 second video (probably using their fruity or robot phone) at New York Toy Fair. Previously only pictures surfaced of the Ghostbusters Shakems and they were behind the more prominent Stay-Puft and Slimer Shakems. Thanks to the video we now know both Peter and Ray do more then “shake.” Pressing a button will play at least two lines of dialogues the characters said in Ghostbusters. Unlike the Matty Collector Retro-Action Citizen Ghost Peter Venkmans, the dialogue is from the actual actors, not someone doing an impression.

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New York Toy Fair: New Factory Entertainment Ghostbusters Shakems Pictures

nytfstaypuftshakeembox took new pictures of Factory Entertainment‘s upcoming Ghostbusters Shakems. Pictures from New York Toy Fair showed Mr. Stay-Puft, Slimer, a variant angry Stay-Puft head, which will be included, and their boxes.

I felt like I also saw pictures of the actual Ghostbusters Shakems too which were being worked on within the last year. If I find out new information about them, I can provide an update.

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Factory Entertainment Shows New Pictures Of Ghostbusters Shakems

Factory Entertainment, a Ghostbusters licensee has been working on Ghostbusters Shakems which seem to be a better take on the bobble head concept. Which will include at least a couple of Ghostbusters, Stay-Puft, and Slimer. The concentration appears to be on both Stay-Puft and Slimer. Today Factory Entertainment is showing new pictures of both the Stay-Puft and Slimer Shakems.

factentstaypuft factentslimer

The exact release date is TBD. Some retail sites are listing either April or May 2014 with a suggested retail price around $50 USD.