Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Global Viewing


Sony’s Ghostbusters Facebook page has shared Ghostbustersmania “Global Viewing Party” image and has posted about the still growing screening.

It’s been 30 years since the world first sawGhostbusters. Have you RSVP’d to the fan-created, 30th Anniversary Global Viewing Party yet?! This Saturday, let’s all press play at the same time:

My original post about the global viewing.

Very unlikely, if you don’t have a physical copy of Ghostbusters, Can I has you covered.

If you know of 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters screenings in theaters, let us know in the comments or at our Facebook page.

Sources: Ghostbustersmania, Sony’s Ghostbusters Facebook, Can I

Sony Preparing For Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary


Sony Pictures is revving their metaphorical ECTO-1 engine (well I suppose they could run their actual car) for Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. Admittedly I don’t exactly know what that means. Even though I am the COO and haven’t signed any non disclosure documentation I’m about to last to know what’s going on. Unless Dr. Venkman isn’t reading his inter-office email. The executive above me is Louis Tully, C.F.O. You know how excited he can get, even he isn’t talking.

When I know and allowed to talk about any on-goings I will. Even if we’re the 11th site to post about something.

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