Ghostbusters Valentine’s Day Cards


The world didn’t end thanks to a bad psychic prediction and the fact my employers, the Ghostbusters altered events nearly 3 decades ago. Today is Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016.

Perhaps you’re tired of the same old cards with hearts. Or you’d like a Ghostbusters themed Valentine’s card. Although we didn’t have these in the 1980s, we have them today thanks to Ghostbusters, IDW Publishing, and artist Dan Schoening. (Deviant Art)

Choose from four if you’re a lucky terror dog you can use all four.

Source: Dan Schoening (Twitter)

Elaine’s 2016 Valentine’s Day Prediction Update

In the late 80s, Dr. Venkman had a show, World Of The Psychic. Respectable people within our business (sorry Milt) didn’t really want to be interviewed about the unusual in the world. Something Dr. V and my employers are pretty familiar with. Peter couldn’t even get the guy who bends the spoons.

On one of his last shows he had two guests on, psychics. With respect to Elaine, you weren’t only wrong, you were so wrong. The world won’t be ending on February 14, 2016. Milt would have been right, my employers figured out what was going on, went back into business, dealt with “mood slime,” stopped Vigo, and even received a key to the city. Continue reading “Elaine’s 2016 Valentine’s Day Prediction Update”