Video: Ernie Hudson’s Niagara Falls Comic Con Q&A


The weekend of Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary, Ernie Hudson was a guest at Niagara Falls Comic Con. Jason Fitzsimmons of Ghostbusters News was in attendance. One of the con’s events was a 36 minute Q&A with Ernie Hudson, which naturally was filmed.

Photo Source: Ghostbusters News


Fan Film: Ghostbusters Orientation Video


Ghostbusters Incorporated hasn’t had a training/orientation video since the early 1990s. “We be fast…” applies to catching ghosts, not making company videos. One of our dutiful employees, Des O Gorman from Ireland got tired of waiting for us and made his own. We like his ideas and could combine it with ours someday. Until then and if you’re a fairly new Ghostbuster, its well worth watching.

Photo Source: Des O Gorman (Twitter) Douglas J. Fender (You Tube)