SDCC Funko Pop Angry Stay-Puft


“Urban vinyl toy store” Fugitive Toys has revealed their presumably San Diego Comic Con exclusive Funko Pop Stay-Puft exclusive. He’s been a sailor, happy, a little roasted, and now they made him angry. You wouldn’t like when Mr. Stay-Puft is angry!!

Fugitive Toys are also giving at least one away through their Instagram.

Hopefully these will also be available after SDCC, even in limited quantities.

Photo Source: Fugitive Toys

John Carlos McMaster Funko Pop Ghostbusters Review

“I’m so cute, you will buy me!”

Funko Pop collector and reviewer John Carlos McMaster bought and made a video reviewing his Funko Pop Vinyl Ghostbusters figures. John gives a honest review as a ghosthead and collector, down to possible flaws these figures could come with.

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Funko Pop’s Ghostbusters Vinyl Figures Press Release


Ghostbusters is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year!
And we have all of your favorite characters in Pop! form to celebrate!

Dr. Peter Venkman…
Dr. Raymond Stantz…
Dr. Egon Spengler…
Slimer with a translucent base…
A new Pop! Ride featuring Winston Zeddmore in the Ecto-1…
Something we loved from our childhood, something that could never possibly destroy us…
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is the first of our new SUPER SIZED Pop!’s!

I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

funkopoppeter funkopopray

funkopopegon funkopopslimer


Peter, Ray, Egon, Slimer, and Stay-Puft will be available in April! Winston Zeddmore with ECTO-1 coming in May!

Photo Sources: Funko Pop

New York Toy Fair: Funko Pop Ecto-1


Not the prettiest picture. Apparently for whatever reason Funko‘s Pop Vinyl ECTO-1 wasn’t on display at New York Toy Fair. Or it was and a picture didn’t surface of it in the nice green back lit display. Funko’s ECTO-1 reminds me of a chopped version of Kenner’s ECTO-1. And a larger version of The Real Ghostbusters soap dish.

I don’t know if this is the final version, and I may be in the minority of ghostheads who aren’t sold on this. I won’t complain if I had to own it. I don’t know if I would buy it, if it wasn’t going to be included with Funko’s version of Winston. One of the positives is it appears any Funko Ghostbusters figure can sit, well stand in ECTO-1. Fortunately too Winston will be able to be displayed on its own. I’m glad the creative minds at Funko thought like how ghostheads and collectors do.

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New York Toy Fair: Funko Pop Ghostbusters Including Winston

"Four is better then three." - Ray
“Four is better then three.” – Ray

Funko showed of their Pop vinyl Ghostbusters figures, including Winston at New York Toy Fair. With eyes like theirs, Egon could have contact lenses for back up. I like the details with the equipment and as is the norm each Ghostbuster has their own equipment accessory.

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Funko Pop! Vinyl Ghostbusters Figures


Funko, Ghostbusters license who makes vinyl figures has revealed most of what their Pop! Ghostbusters series will look like. I’m not that familiar with their brand as I haven’t really collected vinyl figures. Between their previous  Back To The Future figures and now Ghostbusters, that will have to change.

funkopopray funkopopegon

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