Ghostbusters Monthly Volume 2, Issue 19 Cover Art

Dan Schoening tweeted:

Ghostbusters #19 Regular cover… Try to understand, this is a high voltage laser containment system…


The first time The Real Ghostbusters used hand print and voice ID technology was during season 1, episode 3 titled Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood.

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Photo Source: Dan Schoening


Ghostbusters Monthly Volume 2, Issue 18 Cover Art

Tristan Jones tweeted:

Ghostbusters #18’s cover has finally been solicited so that means I can show it! My Harold Ramis tribute cover…

Since he can show his tribute cover, we’re honored to share his art on Ghostbusters Incorporated.



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Ghostbusters Monthly Volume 2, Issue 17 Art

Dan Schoening has uploaded art for issue #17 of IDW Publishing monthly Ghostbusters series.


This piece first reminded me of The Real Ghostbusters episode Flip Side. As I’ve seen the episode recently. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, its when Peter, Ray, and Egon were in Boo York and “fired” their nutrona wands for the first time at The Peoplebusters. Instead of the positive confinement streams, “the polarity was ‘unnaturally’ reversed” causing the Proton Packs to emit low class ghosts!

I don’t know if Dan subconsciously thought of this. Of course based on Ghostbusters and the 30th Anniversary story, it could be from ghosts somehow escaping The Containment Unit.

Ghostbusters Monthly Volume 2, Issue 13 Preview (Mass Hysteria)


Spook Central’s Facebook page posted earlier today a preview of Ghostbusters Volume 2, Issue 13. Which is the start of the 30th Anniversary story arc, Mass Hysteria. Which is part of an overall larger 8 issue run.

For more covers and preview pages check out Spook Central’s Facebook gallery for Vol. 2, Issue 13.

Besides fine comic book shops and on-line retailers, Mass Hysteria issues can be bought from Ghostbusters Fans shop and these other links IDW Publishing posted at their message board.

The first of 8 issues will be available for sale on February 26, 2014.

Photo Sources: IDW Publishing, Spook Central