Ghostbusters International is a hard-working fan based organization, dedicated to the continuance of supporting the GHOSTBUSTERS™ film franchise. As well as to serve as a creative outlet for individuals involved in costume and prop production, writing stories, other “artistic endeavors,” and charitable events.

As an organization, Ghostbusters International is run in the manner of a “real” corporation; it is overseen by a central organizational body, (Ghostbusters International) with franchises in many geographical locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, many countries throughout Europe, Australia, and beyond. Like Ghostbusters International, individual Ghostbusters International franchises have the properties of real-world business franchises; they have organizational structure, and are responsible for the construction of costume and prop production, writing stories, and other “artistic endeavors” which the “reality” of GHOSTBUSTERS™ is based.

Within franchises, individual members and teams are responsible for putting together uniforms, equipment, and more.

All Ghostbusters International franchises are required to create and maintain official franchise web pages, which are to include content relevant to the operations and involvement of the franchise.

Ghostbusters International is also involved in real-world activities ranging from fund-raising efforts to convention attendance. These activities involve those franchises that create and maintain uniforms (costumes) and props from the GHOSTBUSTERS™ films. Fundraising and convention attendance may not be limited to just individual GBI franchises, but also take place as large-scale inter-franchise gatherings.


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