Harold Ramis Ghostbusters II Costume Auction

Nate D. Sanders Fine Autographs & Memorabilia will be auctioning off one of Harold Ramis Ghostbusters II costumes, in fact one of his “uniforms” which may have actually been worn during the filming of Ghostbusters II! Continue reading “Harold Ramis Ghostbusters II Costume Auction”


Entertainment Weekly Ghostbusters Exclusives

ewgbcastreunion ewgbsreunionscoversub

We were informed, albeit a little later then we would have preferred that EW’s website has two Ghostbusters reunions articles that aren’t part of the print issue, uh we don’t think. Fact check much?

  1. Ghostbusters: An Oral History
  2. The Painful What-If That Haunts ‘Ghostbuster’ Ernie Hudson

Photos Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Spook Central (Facebook)

Entertainment Weekly Ghostbusters Cast Reunion


Ghostbusters cast members Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts and director Ivan Reitman reunited for EW‘s 2014 The Reunions Issue.  A cast photo takes up much of the cover, over The Fabulous Baker Boys, Mean Girls, and Sports Night reunions. This special double issue uh hits newsstands this Friday, November 7, 2014. Continue reading “Entertainment Weekly Ghostbusters Cast Reunion”

Ghostbusters Commercial Alternate Takes


One of the most famous commercials in movie history comes from Ghostbusters. Without it, we wouldn’t have seen the power of advertising. Conveniently a TV that was mysteriously left on for Dana (foreshadowing) let her know who to call (and with no address or obvious map) how to get to this new GHOSTBUSTERS business.

Before their can be a movie based on real events or a commercial, it has to be filmed. Sure my employers had a real commercial, it would have looked a little out of place with the rest of Ghostbusters being those comedic actors.

Also because Columbia Pictures hadn’t worked out the movie rights for the name GHØSTBUSTERS from those other fictional guys and a deal hadn’t been finalized with the Ghostbusters, all those involved with filming Ghostbusters filmed alternate takes with different “business” names. Ya know, just in case and it wouldn’t need to be re-filmed (which might not have been as great) in post production.

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Ivan Reitman On Recent Ghostbusters III Developments


I’ve been waiting for Ghostbusters III to be made since 1990. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. True, I didn’t know generally movies aren’t usually fast tracked (its in an industry term) just like that. My 12 year old self thought about it, figured out the necessary logistics (even though I didn’t know that word yet) and crunched the really easy numbers. The conversation with myself went something like this:

If it took Ghostbusters II 5 years to get made, then Ghostbusters III will be made by 1995.

Going around in circles about why it was taking so long (in the pre internet days) about why the “easiest” movie to be made wasn’t could get frustrating. I’m less then a month away from boarding a train (what train, what are you talking about?) to leave 35 behind. I still remember walking home from school in the early 1990s thinking and feeling “Ghostbusters III.”

As much as I’ve talked about Ghostbusters III on and off-line, regardless of the countless rumors, tidbits, actual news, cheerleading, and the same quotes from Harold, Dan, Ivan, Ernie, (whose always the last to know) and on the rare occasion Bill I’ve taken a “wait and see; and believe it when it actually happens” approach.

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Cross The Streams Podcast – Episode 39 (Harold Ramis Tribute)


Michael Gross, Robin Shelby, Johnny Ruckus, Alex Newborn, Chris Weller, Vee Labbs, Brandon Lee, Dennis Carter Jr, Jeff Lewis, Paul Hettinger, Jesse Sosa, Jason Fitsimmons, Eric Bunch, Erik Burnham, Chris Gay, Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters, Martin Rousseau, Timothy Lin, Adriana Munoz, Andrew Watley, Drew Guyer, Michael Miller, Simon Carr, Eric Cudworth, Todd Whalen, Derek Chartrand Wallace, Zac Crago, Ryan E. Kemp, Scott Silver, Robert Swarez, Mike Saproni, Bo Bearden, Kevin James, Chad Paulson, Adam Marish, Carl Lyon, and Dan Shoening.

Show Length: 58:46
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Cross The Streams Episode 39

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Harold Ramis Passes At 69


Note: I’m back tracking this blog post as I’ve known about Harold’s passing since almost the beginning. With how some things were and what I wanted to post, I needed time. I would have thought it would have been before now, its also important to remember life continues.

I like many ghostheads and fans of the actors who portrayed our original movie heroes couldn’t picture a time when we’d talk about them because they’ve passed. That day first came on February 24, 2014 when everyone who would care found out Harold Ramis passed on. When all the news was breaking, I was oblivious as the weekday was kinda like others. I had been working on a yet to be published Ghostbusters Inc. update when my girlfriend and one of my ghosthead friends got in touch with me during the early afternoon. They were the kind of communications where you know someone close has passed. I didn’t quite know how to feel or what to think. It took time to process. It didn’t help that the day was the 24, which is very personal and can have more of an affect on me.

I understand why the Ramis family kept Harold’s illness private as possible. In an immediate “news” and “instant gratification” tabloid culture I’m happy those publications couldn’t report about it in recent years and have a chance to take things out of context or be exploitative. Of course once Harold Ramis passed from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis some of those “media outlets” were going to report something and talk to Hollywood professionals, at times without notice.

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