Q. What is Ghostbusters International?

  • Ghostbusters International (GBI) is a group of leading worldwide Paranormal Investigators and Eliminators. For information about our group please refer to the About section.

Q. What is the company’s mission?

  • GBI’s mission is to increase understanding of the supernatural within the scientific community and to rid its clients of unwanted paranormal activity.

Q. What are Ghostbusters International core technologies?

  • GBI key technologies are:
  1. Psycho Kinetic Energy (P.K.E) Meter: A device which measures psychokinetic energy.
  2. Proton packs: Portable licensed nuclear accelerators used by GBI. franchises to hold paranormal entities until they can be captured.
  3. Ghost Trap: Stores and transports one subdued ghost until it can be permanently housed in the main protection grid.
  4. Slime Blower: Portable back pack rig for the broad distribution of psychomagnetherically charged ectoplasm across a large area.
  5. Protection Grid: Large and immobile unit for the permanent incarceration of paranormal phenomenon. The Grid can safely store extremely large numbers of ghosts.

Q. Who are GBI’s clients?

  • GBI’s clients include some of the largest companies in the world and the “everyman.” Due to the often embarrassing nature of paranormal phenomenon, GBI maintains its client’s privacy.


Q. How do I start my own Ghostbusters International franchise?

Q. Can I buy a piece of ghostbusting equipment?

  • Ghostbusters International holds patents on all of its investigation and elimination gear. GBI can’t share much information with the general public other then what appears on this site. Special training and licensing is required for the safe handling and operation of all GBI equipment. It isn’t for sale to the general public.

Q. What does a franchise get from GBI?

  1. The right to use the Ghostbusters International name and “no ghost” logos.
  2. The right to purchase and operate patented GHOSTBUSTERS™ equipment and technology.
  3. An exclusive territory within which they act as representatives of GBI.

Q. Can a franchise create their own equipment and technology?

  • Ghostbusters International encourages the creation of custom equipment and technology to better serve the needs of its clients. Individual offices can create and use equipment as needed. However, they’ll be patented by and all rights will belong to GBI.

Hooks N Ladders

Q. Is the firehall open to the public?

  • A small number of areas, like the garage area can be used for visitors. Availability is based on whose around at that time as GHOSTBUSTERS is still fully operational.

Q. If someone like Dr. Stantz is around, will he bring out snacks? I hear he does that kind of thing.

  • He probably would. Our business associates normally give us enough beverages and snack foods.

Q. If the Ectos are there, can I check them out? Maybe sit in them, run the sirens?

  • Louis, is this you? Depends on what you mean by check them out. You can look at them and take photos of the exteriors of the ’59 Caddys. Because of the nature of our business and liability issues, sitting in the cars and operating any of their functions isn’t allowed. Unless you’re famous.

Q. What is your business number?

  • 555-2368
  • (212) 555-2020

Q. May I see the storage facility?

  • Not without saying the magic word. And probably not even then.

Corporate Ladder

Q. Is Ghostbusters International Corporate Headquarters open to the public?

  • While our offices aren’t open to the general public, our corporate headquarters are open 7 days a week. Holidays hours will either be limited or we’ll just be closed.

Q. What can the public do at GBI Corporate HQ without an appointment?

  1. Our museum houses just about every aspect of our business. If the definite science of the next decade didn’t blow your mind, check out memorabilia from both blockbuster movies and hit cartoons.
  2. The Draverhaven Center is a state of the art theater which screens both GHOSTBUSTERS™ and GHOSTBUSTERS II™, episodes of The Real Ghostbusters®, and is used for other GBI events.
  3. When you want to relax and have something to eat, we offer a variety of food choices from the casual Ectoplasmic Cafe™, kid friendly Spuds™, and the fine dining of The International Crossrip®.
  4. If you’re in the mood slime to find the perfect gift for yourself or someone special and like to shop, you’ll enjoy the GBI store.

Q. Where is GBI Corporate HQ located?

  • We’re located at 51 W. 30th St. in New York City. Despite the so called “street view” photo Google uses we’re not part of the diamond district.

Q. We never talk anymore. What is GBI’s smart phone number?

  • (884) 555-8489 Long distance charges can apply outside the United States.

Q. If I have a ghost problem, how can I describe it to you?


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