John Carlos McMaster Funko Pop Ghostbusters Review

“I’m so cute, you will buy me!”

Funko Pop collector and reviewer John Carlos McMaster bought and made a video reviewing his Funko Pop Vinyl Ghostbusters figures. John gives a honest review as a ghosthead and collector, down to possible flaws these figures could come with.

Funko Pop Ghostbusters figures are appearing on store shelves and through on-line retailers. Some retailers may not be shipping until about mid May. Winston with ECTO-1 should be available at the end of May.

Prices may vary, however the Ghostbusters without Winston retail for $9.99 USD each.

  1. Slimer retails at $10.99 USD.
  2. Stay-Puft retails for $14.99 USD.
  3. ECTO-1 which comes with Winston will retail at $24.99 USD.

Screencap Source: John Carlos McMaster (Facebook)


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