Ghostbusters 2016 Protect The Barrier Board Game


Our apologies we didn’t post this sooner. We were watching superheroes cause a lot of damage over international paper work. We know how that can go.

Last November details emerged from Mark Caplan, Sony Pictures VP of global consumer products about Ghostbusters merchandise that was to come (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, November 11, 2015) from Mattel. One of those intriguing items, a Ghostbusters board game.

With Ghostbusters (2016) about 2 months away from its theatrical release we now know more about Mattel Games Ghostbusters board game, Ghostbusters Protect The Barrier.



It’s a game of haunted rooms and battles with nefarious ghosts. The evil Rowan is trying to break open the Durable But Not Impenetrable Barrier and release the dead! He’s placed Paranormal Energy Devices all over the Mercado Building, and it’s up to the Ghostbusters (2016) to find them and get them out before the 4th Cataclysm begins and the building is completely HAUNTED. You have to keep your eye on the number of Ghost figures on the board–if too many start showing up, rooms will become Haunted. If 6 rooms become Haunted at the same time, you lose the game! Once all Ghostbuster (2016) Movers are outside of the house with all 8 Paranormal Energy Devices (before 6 rooms have been haunted), the players win! Four ways to play: Basic Battle, Basic Battle with Rowan, Advanced Adventure and Advanced Adventure with Rowan. Work as a team for this exciting game of strategy and Ghostbusting! For players age 8 and up.



  • Help the Ghostbusters (2016) rid the Mercado Building of the Paranormal Energy Devices before the building is completely haunted!
  • If 6 rooms become haunted at the same time, you lose the game.
  • But if you get all the Ghostbuster (2016) Movers outside with all 8 Paranormal Energy Devices, you win!
  • Four ways to play
  • Join the Ghostbusters (2016) team in this exciting strategy game!

Additional Information:

  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 8 Years and Up
  • Includes: figures
  • Material: plastic, cardboard
  • Playing Time: 30 Minutes or Less
  • Number of Players: 2-4 Players
  • Level of Difficulty: intermediate
  • Battery: no battery used:
  • TCIN: 51002734
  • UPC: 887961351804
  • Store Item Number (DPCI): 087-10-3177
  • Origin: Imported

Ghostbusters Protect The Barrier can be bought at stores such as Target for $19.99 USD.



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