Ghostbusters 2016 European Trade Event


On January 12, 2016 Ghostbusters news site, posted the above photo (Twitter) from a European trade show event. When these are in movie theater lobbies, fans can pose for a photo with the 2016 Ghostbusters. That’s neat and would have been cool during past Ghostbusters theatrical releases.

This future collectible wasn’t the only cool thing shown at Sony Pictures and Rocket Licensing trade show event.

Costumes/uniforms along with Ghostbusters 2016 props were on display. We believe photos were taken in part by our French connection (we had to, sorta) Ghostbusters France.

If you’ve been checking out Ghostbusters 2016 props since director Paul Feig began showing us the new packs you may have noticed new “versions” of the packs for example. Speculation, ghostheads may see a progression of the equipment as its built and used. The last two photos may show a 2016 Ghostbusters ghost trap. We probably won’t know until July.

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