Tom Spina Designs Slimer


Tom Spina Designs, who designed a CGI Slimer for a Radio Shack (GB Inc. Blog Post) Super Bowl ad last year, then restored an original Terror Dog statue (GB Inc. Blog Post) continues his custom Ghostbusters reproductions with Slimer.

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Our completed Slimer build-up! The casting was originally sourced from Steve Johnson’s amazing studio display piece. We did a lot of work patching this up, assembling the mouth and obviously painting. We tried to stay as true to the “feel” of the movie Slimer as we could and the client is thrilled! He’ll get a little bit of a themed base and then be off to haunt our client’s home.


tomspinadesignslimerdental tomspinadesignslimerprimer

tomspinadesignslimergums tomspinadesignslimerneedseyes tomspinadesignslimereyes


Photo Sources: Tom Spina Designs (Facebook)


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